5 Facts that Crush ADD/ADHD Stigma

5 Facts that Crush ADD/ADHD Stigma –


Are you tired of hearing people say that ADD/ADHD isn’t real, and that people with it just need to try harder? As you probably know, that’s just not true. ADD is real—we can see it in the brain!

Read and share my 5 FACTS that crush ADD/ADHD stigma:

ADD has been described in the medical literature for about one hundred years. In 1902, pediatrician George Still described a group of children who were hyperactive, impulsive and inattentive.

ADD is found in every country where it has been studied. I once had a patient from Ethiopia who had been expelled from his tribe for being easily distracted and impulsive.

Many people with ADD are never hyperactive. The non-hyperactive or ”inattentive” ADD folks are often ignored because they do not bring enough negative attention to themselves. Many of these children, teenagers, or adults earn unjust labels: ”willful,” ”lazy,” ”unmotivated” or ”not that smart.” Females, in our experience, tend to have Type 2, Inattentive ADD, and it often devastates their lives.

The harder many people with ADD try, the worst things get for them. Brain-imaging studies show that when people with ADD try to concentrate, the parts of their brains involved with concentration, focus and follow-through (prefrontal cortex and cerebellum) actually shuts down—just when they need them to turn on.

Ineffective parents or teachers cannot cause a child’s ADD. However, ADD behaviors can make even the most skilled parents and teachers appear stressed and inept.

If you suspect that you or your child might have ADD, don’t wait to get help. Effective treatment does not make those with ADD different people: It removes the barriers hindering them from being the people they already are and allows them to reach their potential.

We like to think of effective treatment for ADD like glasses for people who have trouble seeing. The glasses do not change the person; they just make the person’s vision more effective!